Backgammon Tips

Backgammon beginners often tend to lean more on their good fortune than improving their strategy Klick Hier. Any expert will tell you that learning some basic backgammon strategies and following these backgammon tips would be far more affective than clinging into a clover leaf or any other lucky charm.

Count your Pips

Your main goal in backgammon is to precede your opponent or in backgammon lingo, to stay ahead in the race. To achieve this goal, you must start counting your cores to estimate the number of cores, you will need to bring your checkers home and take them out. Counting your cores and learn how to use pip count formulas will help you make the correct cube decisions.

Make the right opening moves

There are only 15 possible opening rolls in the backgammon game, at the opening roll is at least one superior opening move, which has already been proven in endless backgammon game for the development of the player's game. Therefore, it would be unwise, not to mention extremely arrogant, to trust your own intuition rather than go to that already paved the way.

Use the cube Clever

Again, many theories written on the doubling cube question. When to offer a double and when to accept or reject a double is tough, sometimes even stressful decisions, especially for backgammon novices. A well-known and reliable doubling theory is Woolseys Law, named after backgammon expert Kit Woolsey, who advises you to double, usually whenever you are not sure if it's a hit or a pass.

Learn & Practice

The bottom line, if you want to improve your game, you not only practice as much as you can, but also to use study tools such as backgammon books and articles. Additionally, store and play your online backgammon games to learn from your mistakes. You can do so on websites like or read more about the game on Wikipedia. Hope this article was helpful and please leave a comment if you have any questions